APC Must Move Forward

President Muhammadu Buhari has called on all APC faithful to come together, to rise above the current crisis threatening, the party, to strive to win the war (National Assembly crisis) as they won the battle (general elections)
President Buhari made the call in Abuja on Friday at the first National Executive Council (NEC) emergency meeting of All Progressives Congress (APC) after its 2015 victory at the polls. President Buhari said:
”APC has won the battle and lost the war which is a paradox of democracy and we shall see how we shall manage it. How do we manage it?


“I have already appealed to you through the chairman, the leadership of the party, through the governors, through our lawmakers and the APC must not disappoint its constituency, the nation. We have had to convince our ‎individual constituencies that we are worthy of sacrifices they had made in staying awake days and nights, traveling all over the country and making sure the party emerged victorious.
”What subsequently happened is human and as human beings we are not perfect but let our collective actions prove that we’ve won the election, the battle, and we will eventually win the war,” he said.


President Buhari‎ urged the party members to honour the platform through which they won the elections and gave a background of how he contested his present position and lost three times. “Whoever wants to run for elected office as a Nigerian must have a platform and that platform is the political parties hence the superiority of the party because that is our platform,” President Buhari further recounted the story of the party from the beginning when other parties came together to form APC, how INEC rejected their initial merger, how the first convention was planned and who was instrumental at the initial stage.
”I am going through all these (stories) because not all of us here participated in this and for you to reflect and thank the leadership of the party at various stages for going through all these which wasn’t easy.


”But God in his infinite mercy has paid us by giving us success, let us not throw this success to the wind. . . . . Let us as members of APC ‎no matter our personal differences, get together and meet the mandate given to us by this country. This is my personal appeal and, in the name of God, whatever your personal interest is‎ and ambition, please keep it close to your heart and in your pocket. . . . Let APC work and let this system work and let us have a government that will earn the respect of our constituencies. I appeal to you to please continue working together and please accept the superiority of the party….because I respect the superiority of the party.”